Bentley & Honda | ADOPTED

Bentley and Honda are the sweetest brothers ever. These boys love to play hard and nap even harder. They would thrive in a busy home with a family who has lots of time to devote to them. 


Brown tabby. Domestic Shorthair.
Bentley is a vocal young fella. He has no fear of public speaking nor does he have a problem telling you to bug off by hissing. This little dude knows what he wants and what he doesn't want and he has no issues expressing himself. Despite his assertiveness, Bentley is actually very sweet and affectionate, but sometimes he prefers to be a young rascal like any kitten his age. Play is just as important to Bentley as a cuddle sesh in-between. This boy looks at the world with eyes full of curiosity and he can't wait to explore all that it has to offer.


Brown & white tabby. Domestic Shorthair.
Honda happens to be the owner of the longest meow in the world. This boy can hold a note like no other. Rumour on the street is that he's going to put Mariah Carey up to a challenge this upcoming Christmas. Honda enjoys attention almost as much as he enjoys asking for it. This pretty young thang will canoodle with anyone who approaches him and climb them like a tree. He has one of the most vibrating purrs and he's happy to share it with anyone. Honda's super friendly, affectionate and is always down to kick it with you.

Bentley & Honda are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.