DOB: July 7, 2021

Ninja got her name for a reason. She’s a sneaky weasel. Nothing is safe when Ninjja is around, no room goes unattended, no hole goes unvisited, no drink/food goes untouched. She will fly across the room like a flying squirrel just to get to her favorite spot faster. Ninja is very curious and adventurous so a spacious home with lots of room would be best for her. She is fine with other cats, but it's toys and what’s behind the windows that she’s interested in the most. Ninja can be a bit of a crazy girl. If you touch her on her booty she won’t like it and she will let you know.

P.S. Do not leave precious items or drinks unattended when NInja’s around. She WILL throw them off the table.

UPDATE: Ninja arrived marked as bonded with Butterscotch, but the two have been independent of each other ever since, so both can now be adopted separately.