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Pidan "Snowflake" Slow Feeder Accessory for Pet Bowls

Turn Any Pet Bowl Into A Slow Feed Bowl

  • Eating too fast can easily cause health problems, such as choking, indigestion, excessive eating, overweight. 
  • A proper slow feed is suitable for pet health. Prolong your pet’s eating time. Control your pet’s food intake. Eating time using a regular bowl is five minutes. With the Snow Flake slow feed accessory, the eating time becomes 20 minutes.
  • The base is with a suction cup design. Transform a commonly seen flat base pet bowl into a slow feed bowl. Easy to install.
  • The bendable TPU material creates slow feed areas freely.
  • The oil-repellent surface makes cleaning it easy.
  • Two sizes.


1. Do not use corrosive cleaning agents such as bleach to clean and wipe the product.
2. Do not put this product in a microwave oven or dishwasher.

Product information

This product is suitable for cats and dogs.
Material: TPU
Small size
Weight: 90 g
Size: 140 x 123 x 50 mm
Large size
Weight: 184 g
Size: 180 x 158 x 60 mm