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Pidan Seashell Cat Bed

A pet bed fit for a mer-cat! 

  • Wraps your pet from top to bottom and gives them a sense of security.
  • The padding is thick and soft, providing comfort, and is made to match home decor.
  • You can fold it or keep it wide open depending on your pet's preference.
  • Your pet's fur won't get caught in the short-hook velcro. 
  • Super-soft plush surface and high-density polyester filling make the pet bed bouncy and soft to the touch. 


  1. Only the removable cover is washable. To prevent fading, don't use detergent to wash.
  2. Clean it with a damp cloth or brush, place it in a ventilated place to dry, and avoid direct sunlight for a long period of time.

Product information

  • This product is suitable for cats and small dogs.
  • Product size: 580 x 370 x 320 mm
  • Weight: 922 g
  • Material: Polyester

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