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Pidan "Cloud and Moon" Pet Bed

Big, soft, and comfortable.

This pet bed made of fluffy, resilient material is comfortable to rest on and provides even support. It's made out of polyester fibre that's soft to the touch. With a size of 80 cm long, 67 cm wide, and 15 cm thick, this king-sized pet bed is suitable for both cats and dogs. When resting on this cute bed, your pet will feel like they're sleeping on a large fluffy cloud, with the moon as its soft and comfy pillow. This bed is large enough that your pet can lie down and stretch its body in any way it wants.

This pet bed has functional details, such as the invisible stitching. This method is to prevent this pet bed from splitting at the seam. Another lovely detail is the short hook velcro - with this type of velcro, you don't need to worry about your pet's hair getting stuck.


1. Hand washing is recommended.

2. Let dry after washing and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

3. Use only neutral detergent to prevent corroding and fading.


Our pet bed - cloud & moon style is suitable for cats and small-sized dogs.

Size: 800 x 670 x 150 mm

Weight: 1800 g

Material: Polyester fiber

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