Pidan Cat House and Scratcher

Title: Fuji
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A new cat house designed for cats that love cardboard boxes

This cat house is designed with your feline friend’s love for cardboard boxes in mind. Not only does it look cute, it activates your cat’s instinct to curl up in small places, and also provides a scratching board to maintain their claws.

Cat Scratcher

The cat scratching board is contained within the house, so it prevents your cat making a mess of cardboard pieces all over your floor. The paper debris remains on the inside it and can be removed at your convenience, saving you time and energy!

Purrfect design

A lot of thought went into designing this to be a multifunctional space for your kitty. It has one entrance, offering a hiding place while being spacious enough that your cat can move around inside with ease.

Its two window holes mean your cat can peek out at you. The windows give the option of interacting with your cat so that you can have fun as well. Our cats often enjoy batting at a Vetreska wand through the window hole!

Beautiful Artwork

With its beautiful eclectic artwork, this cardboard house is sure to add a little colour to your home. It is available in two designs, both focused on bright colors in a modern style. 

Our cats really enjoy its cozy concept and functional qualities, and we’re sure that your fur baby will too.

The length, width, and height are 31.8 x 33 x 50.5 cm, it has sufficient space to fit one regular-sized cat.

We have plenty more cat scratchers here, and cat beds here, or if you would like to browse more stylish Pidan products click here.

Shipping and delivery FAQ

How to install

The cat house includes cat house outer shell x 1, cat scratching board x 1.



Please note:

  1. Keep the cat house at a dry place; don't place it in a moist place.
  2. Keep away from fire.
  3. This is a consumable, please replace a new one regularly.


This product is suitable for cats.

Size: 318 x 330 x 505 mm

Net weight: 810 g

Material: Corrugated paper

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