Dual Bowl For Pets

Color: Green
Sale price$24.99


Two bowls in one
Do you have small dishes scattered all over the place (including under your feet)? This dual bowl set keeps your cat’s dishes out of the way. You can put food on one side and water on the other. Very useful for families with multiple cats!

Ergonomic shape
The bowls are elevated and are angled towards your pet. The height and slight incline of the bowls protects your pet's neck and improves eating pleasure.

Easy to clean
The bowls can be separated from the stand, and are finely polished on the inside so you will find it easy to clean. The removable parts also reduce bacterial growth as every surface can be sanitized.

Minimal design
The set has a symmetrical S shape from above, and is available in a shiny light grey or green, with a frosted, transparent stand. The material is scratch resistant so it will continue to look good after lots of use. They say good things come in pairs, so let the Dual Bowl double your cat’s love of mealtime!

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