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Cat Toy Ball - Bell/Catnip/Flash


Cat toy ball photo 1

Simple design, multiple options

This toy comes in three varieties. Each color comes with a different option on the inside, so you can choose the perfect one for your kitty. Read on to find out about the different kinds. 

Cat toy ball photo 2

Bell ball

With a metal bell inside, it jingles when rolling, attracting your cat and activating their innate desire to hunt. Perfect for cats that are fascinated by sounds.

Cat toy ball photo 3

Catnip ball

With a leakproof catnip ball inside, your cat will never get tired of playing. Perfect for cats with a strong attraction to catnip.

Cat toy ball photo 4

Flickering ball

With a flashing ball inside, it is safe and insulated, and it only flickers when rolling, making the fun last longer. Perfect for kitties who love laser pointers and lights.

Cat toy ball photo 4

Cat toy ball photo 5

Environmentally-friendly and fade resistant dyeing

Each of these is housed in a ball that is wear-resistant and bite-resistant to keep your cat on the move. 

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Cat toy ball product info

Cat toy ball packaging


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