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Cat Teaser with Suction Cup - Shake Shake

 When you're away, your cat will play

While you work, your cat plays at home

Can be attached anywhere, glass, floor, refrigerator, tile. The TPR soft rubber suction cup makes sure the bottom can be firmly stuck on smooth surfaces, and will not fall off.

Carbon fiber rod and oxidized aluminum alloy

The materials used prevent rusting. While maintaining a good feel, flexibility and rigidity are taken into account. It is easy to remove and place somewhere else. Beautiful in design, with exquisite workmanship.

One purchase, endless possibilities 

Update the accessories every season, only the feather attachment needs to be replaced, free to mix and match with other Pidan accessories, for example these tassel heads.

Hand dyeing process

The feather head is made with all natural native goose feathers without chemical dyes to ensure safety.


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Shipping and delivery FAQ

Please note:

Feathers are consumables, please pay attention to regular replacement.


    1. Select a smooth surface suitable for suction cup installation, clean the surface for a more conducive use. We recommend flat tile, flat glass, marble, metal panels, painted panels, UV/TVC panels etc.
    2. Place the suction cup at the suitable location and press it to remove excess air. 
    3. Attach the long and short heads of the pole on the feather accessory and suction cup base. 
    4. Ready to play!

Cat teaser with suction cup - shake shake product info

Cat teaser with suction cup - shake shake packaging