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Vetreska is a New York-based start-up pet supplies company founded in Shanghai in 2017. Their focus is on durable pet products with a fun, whimsical and cute aesthetic. While Pidan caters to a modern and minimalistic mood, Vetreska focuses on furniture and accessories that add a splash of colour and imagination to a room. Some of their most popular products are their Cactus Climbers (we couldn't keep our Catoro cats off of this scratching post if we tried) and laser-pointer teaser wands (a rechargeable combination of cat's two favourite toys). You can count on Vetreska if you're looking for beautiful and high-quality cat furniture that also adds to your home aesthetic and sparks conversation. Some of our favourite Vetreska designs are their super-rugged Cherry Cardboard Scratcher and the plush, pink Peach Bed! Whether your kitty is a spoiled princess, sassy troublemaker or aloof gentleman, Vetreska makes long-lasting products to match their unique personality.