Paw Pass Refills
Have you ever forgotten to get food or litter until it's too late?


Well never again!


You can now sign up for an automatic refill of your cat's essential supplies! Then we'll bring you a new delivery of cat food or cat litter every week/month, without you having to do anything!


Our recurring options are here to simplify your life so you never worry about restocking again.


It also gives you all the benefits of Paw Pass Premium without the monthly fee! This means, you'll get 10% cash back on this recurring order, and any other purchases at Catoro.

Sign-up in January 2021 for a FREE Bonus Gift

Get 12 FREE cans of wet food or 1 FREE bag of cat litter! 
After signing up, claim your free gift by filling out this short form.

This amazing bonus offer is only available this January to new customers. A few requirements apply.*

I'm already a Paw Pass Refills Customer!
If you're already a subscriber, don't worry, we have you covered! Receive DOUBLE Paw Pass Points equal to 20% Cash Back on one order in January.

Claim your bonus by filling out this form

How do I sign up?

Sign up for Paw Pass Refills on the product page of the item that you want to start ordering automatically. 

Simply choose a weekly or monthly subscription on the product page of each food or litter option you want, and let us do the rest.

Refills sign up

You'll also be prompted to make a Paw Pass account to collect the points on.

What items are available for Refills?

You can sign up for Paw Pass Refills for different types of cat food, and for different cat litter options, and for a few other things like our monthly mystery gift box, Cat Crate. You will see the sign up option by the 'Add to Cart'  button on qualifying products.

I want a food/litter that isn't available for Refills

Simply fill out this request form and we'll do our best to source it and make it available to you! We're a small business and we cannot afford to carry all brands, but most major food/litter brands are available to us.

Signing up for Paw Pass Refills automatically gives you Paw Pass Premium benefits. Compare the different tiers here:

*Refills Bonus Requirements

- Only valid on new subscription sign ups between 01/01/2021 to 01/31/2021
- Food subscription must total to at least 36 cans (large or small)
- Litter subscription must total to at least 3 bags of litter (any type)
- Can be split into multiple order intervals and contain any combination of food flavours
- Intervals can be monthly or weekly

Existing Refills Customers (Read Below)
- Available to all subscriptions setup PRIOR to 01/01/2021
- Bonus points will be added to your account after completing this form

Paw Pass Refill Coupon Codes

We occasionally hold a sale at Catoro. When an item in your recurring order goes on sale, unfortunately you will still be charged the regular price. This is because the amount is taken out automatically each time. But, we still want you to be able to save, so we will include coupon codes on the Sale page!

How to use the coupons
To use these coupon codes, you will need to cancel the recurring order. Then set it up again, but this time include the coupon code. Then when your recurring order starts again, the coupon code will discount each recurring order that takes place during the timeframe of the sale.

We understand there is a lot of features and options, so if you aren’t sure about something, please feel free to contact us first before making a purchase.

We hope to be the best Vancouver cat supplies store, and aim to offer the best online cat supply shopping experience. So we offer free local delivery for orders over $50 within 30km of Catoro. We are always trying to improve and have survey available here. Filling it out by Jan 5th gives you the chance to win a free Igloo litter box.

Check out these products that qualify for Refills!