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Cat Teaser Accessories - A4 Tassel

A Graceful Cat Toy Accessory

The A4 accessory is a tassel-style toy accessory for the cat teasers made with fine craftsmanship. The material used is an artificial silk with a smooth aesthetic feel. The bell rings when shaken which makes your cat teaser even more irresistible. The A4 Tassel is more durable than ordinary tassel toys so you can play with your cat more freely. This is one of those toys that your cat can't put it down. The pastel colour has a gentle feel, and the fine dyeing process produces a natural gradient. 

Additionally, it's interchangeable with both Pidan and Vetreska wands.

Color available in Cherry Blossom Pink and Misty Rain Blue 

Please Note

  1. This product cannot be disinfected by hot water. Avoid any contact with gasoline, thinner, alcohol and similar liquids.
  2. When cats stretch and tear the product excessively while playing it may cause the tassels to fall off, so please replace it regularly. 
  3. Please keep in a place where the cat cannot reach after playing to ensure longevity. Monitor your cats play to prevent them from swallowing the strings.
  4. When playing with cats, you can imitate the movements of animals. It is more fun when you play with your cats with a diverse pattern. Please also pay attention to the balance of play and rest; play with your cats moderately.

A4 tassel product details

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