Woody & Ariel | AVAILABLE

Woody and Ariel are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.

These two troublemakers are high energy, full of beans and nonstop fun. They will climb, crawl and squirm their way into every nook and cranny of your house. Find them napping in your linen closet one moment and playing in your pantry the next. These two would be great adventure cats so if you want to take your cats on a fun, leashed adventure - they'd be perfect. 

Woody and Ariel are part Arabian Mau and it’s important to note that the breed requires a lot of attention and stimulation. They’re full of energy (more than most other breeds) and need to release it by playing. They require experienced guardians who can keep them stimulated and entertained. 

Woody: White and Orange. Arabian Mau Mix.

Woody is our little kangaroo. He’s strong, he’s fast, he’s very curious. Woody will climb any ladder and any door. No surface goes unattended when Woody’s around. His favourite things, besides climbing things, are getting in your way and yelling at you. Woody is very enthusiastic about breakfast, snacks and dinner. You can always find him minding your own business. He’s everywhere and all over all at once. 

Birthday: April 1st, 2022

Ariel: Cream point. Arabian Mau Mix.

Ariel is our Usain Bolt. She’s the Speedy Gonzales of the Cat Forest and probably the whole Catoro Cat Academy. When Ariel's around, no door goes un-sneaked-through, no feet go un-trampled, no floor goes un-slided. She wants to see everything, everywhere, all at once. Her mind is as busy as her legs. Ariel is full of energy and charisma. She likes to treat people like cat trees and doesn’t care if it hurts you. She’s sweet, rumbunctious and an overall fun cat. If you like high energy cats and want to keep yourself busy- Ariel’s the one for you!

Birthday: April 1st, 2022